4 January 2017

2016: target ZERO achieved

Year 2016 was full of professional satisfactions, but the greatest of all – and the one that makes us very proud of – was the achievement of the goal ZERO injuries.
This target has been reached thanks to the constant engagement and expertise that distinguish the people who belong to the great team Termisol.
Special thanks must be addressed to our Clients and to their daily efforts, making possible our continuous improvement in terms of safety in the workplace.


attestato fine mta
21 November 2016

Safety award – MTA 2016

Termisol Termica has been awarded with the highest recognition for safe working during the latest MTA 2016 at ENI Refinery of Livorno (Italy).

We are very proud of this achievement as is the result of years hard work and our team’s outstanding dedication to maintain the safest working environment for everyone.
Congratulations to our Team based in Livorno!

26 February 2016

Best safety performance in 2015

For the second year in a row, Termisol Termica has won the prestigious Solvay Award for Best Health and Safety performance Company during 2015 and within its category (more than 15,000 operating man/hours per year).

Termisol Termica has worked at Rosignano Solvay (Livorno, Italia) for many years now, providing access solutions, insulation services, corrosion protection and asbestos removal.
Michele Mannucci, our Technical Director, dedicated the award to all our Team at Rosignano, who works hard every day to maintain the safest working environment.
Congratulations to everyone for reaching this impressive benchmark.

attestato merito termisol termica
23 December 2015

Recognition of excellence in safety performance at work

During the safety meeting “MTA II semestre 2015″, Termisol Termica was awarded by ENI Refinery of Livorno for carrying out their work with excellent performance on safety, achieving the first place for index performance safety (IPS) among all the contractors which took part in the Maintenance Turn Around.
For us, safety is always ahead of everything!

10 December 2015

Contribution to the purchase of the social vehicle Misericordia Livorno

Termisol Thermal is always sensitive to the needs of the weaker sections of the population; so we wanted to contribute to the purchase of the vehicle, the Misericordia Livorno, equipped to transport people with disabilities.

27 October 2015

Renewal of the board ANICTA 2015-2017

October 20, 2015 in Milan was held the General Meeting for the renewal of the Board of ANICTA (National Association of Entrepreneurs Insulation Thermal Acoustic).

On that occasion, our Technical Director Ing. Michele Mannucci, was elected Board of Directors for the biennium 2015-2017 and Vice President with responsibility for energy efficiency and the Technological Development of Insulation.